Here you can learn about Helppier’s new features.


Interactive Mode

Now, you can create tutorials that allow users to not just see what you created, but also interact with them. For example, if you attach a tutorial step to a form element (input, text area, button, etc.) in your webpage, when the users enters that step, he/she will be able to interact with the element (fill, click, select, etc.) and Helppier will detect it and move the user to the next step when he/she finish interacting with it.


Analytics Integrations

If you have a Google Analytics and Mixpanel account, now you can connect to Helppier. As soon as you set up the integration, we automatically send specifics events of your Helppier’s tutorial helps to analyze and understand visitors and customers. It’s possible to measure any action of users in Helppier’s widget and some details about visitors who have seen your tutorials.


Error’s Reports

You have information about errors when visitors are using the widget, so it’s easy to prevent errors from happening again. When someone visualizes a help, but Helppier does not find the information for a specific step, an error bubble will be displayed. We automatically send a report to the dashboard.



Helppier allows you to define who sees your helps.

With the widget’s editor, you can control which views are visible to any particular visitor or client by customizing the dimensions or values of any set conditions.


Templates: New Categories

You wish to adapt Helppier’s widget to website layout to fit your colors and design theme? It’s simple than ever to customize the appearance. You can change:

– Widget: name, image, and colors of buttons and text

– Bubbles and editor: Colors of text, buttons, and background

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