How it Works

Improve user experience on any website or web app.

1What is Helppier

Think of a webpage as a destination and customers as newcomers (foreigners, tourists).

Our onboarding tool will allow companies to easily create interactive
tutorials and tooltips to guide online users to the right “places” and prevent them from getting lost.

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Improve user experience and onboarding!

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3How to Install

Add Helppier to your Website or Web Product

After login, you click on the “Install” Button in your dashboard.
Then, you can copy and paste the code into your website’s layouts.
Helppier widget will appear in your website instantly.


Start Helpping!

Go to Helppier’s widget and select New Guide.
Click Record to start creating a customer journey of your website.
Click on the elements in your site that you want to attach a step.
Save and preview all the process.
Publish it, so your customers can see your guides.

5Track activity

Keep Track of what’s Going On

Monitor your guide’s activity to analyze user
engagement and see where you need to improve.

6Keep It Up!

After enjoying your Trial, you have to upgrade your
service and keep providing your customers the best
user experience by choosing any of the plan options.

Helping online users has never been so easy!

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