Multiple Tools, Several Solutions

Helppier can be integrated with different on-site tools which combined with interactive user guides,
reach several areas of your business.



Welcome new users with interactive user guides.

Lead the way to User Retention

First time experiences can be pretty scary and if users don’t understand your product, it can ruin your business.
Create a better user onboarding process with interactive on-page articles, tutorials and contextual tooltips. Show them the full value of your service and why they need it instead of the competition.

Onboard new employees faster

Teaching new employees can be a difficult and time-consuming task. With Helppier you no longer need to create powerpoint presentations. Or hire an instructor.
You can provide contextual and personalized interactive lessons to ensure newcomers are familiar with your business culture and technologies.

Learn from new users

With the Analytics tool you can monitor user behavior and learn with their onboarding experience. Or even discover your product’s Aha! Moment.
This way you can adapt your service to your customer’s needs, and see where your website needs improvement.


Customer Support

Provide 24/7 contextual guides and personalized guidance.

For lower support costs

Use Helppier to provide a powerful customer service. Ensure that online customers are informed through interactive user guides and step-by-step tutorials. If potential customers are lost in your website, with our self-service tool they can find the information they need without contacting your team or engage on research.

For a 24/7 contextual help

Stop addressing the same issues over and over again by answering common questions with on-page user guides. Provide a self-service tool for your customers, where they can find all the information they need without having to wait for an answer. Quick 24/7 guides for busy, on-the-run users.

For an automated customer service

Set specific guides in the right place and time to ensure users are on the right track. With Helppier you can create an automated customer service that detects your customer’s needs and provides on-page support for every issue they might have.



Create on-page lectures for your employees and customers.

Say no to expensive classes

With Helppier you can train employees through interactive step-by-step guides and on-page lectures, instead of hiring instructors to do it. Our widget is available anywhere, at anytime and on any device. It will help you save money, time and other resources.

Boost your team’s productivity

Your training classes and presentations are no longer working. Employees are forgetting information and wasting time. Boost performance by giving them more autonomy and the ability to check / follow instructions every time they need. Without any inconvenience and without leaving your website. In the process, you can also measure their results and needs.

Introduce new technologies faster

It’s extremely easy to create and update content using our tool. Introduce new features or technologies to both employees and clients, using in-app guidance. Product adoption will no longer be a problem.


Create, Monitor & Optimize
A solution that fits your business

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Build positive experiences and don’t let customers leave your page.

Retain users on your website

Users don’t like what they cannot understand. Design a more pleasant experience by showing the benefits of your product and answering questions right before they appear. Guide them with interactive on-page tutorials and lead the way to Call to Action, before they switch to a competitor’s page.

Promote new products and features

Highlight new features with on-product messages to catch the viewer’s attention. Then, explain how to use them through interactive tutorials and online support. More engagement on your website also means more leads.

Improve your brand’s visibility

Good user experience generates interest, which leads to a better reputation and customer loyalty. People will associate your brand with overall positive emotions, leading to users returning to your website or web app more often, and referring to their friends.



Show the value of your software with interactive demos.

Boost your demo presentation

Create a successful demo by presenting your product and explaining how it works through interactive step-by-step guides and on-page messages. This way, you ensure potential clients can understand the value of your product and make decisions quickly.

Contextual information for sales teams

Gather all the important information about your product in one single hub. The information will be available anywhere, anytime for your sales team to access and be productive on the field.

Convert new customers to paying users

Use onboarding as a way to convert new customers into paying users. Educate and support your customers with a powerful User Experience and get them to the Aha! Moment as quickly as possible. This will lead to higher conversions and revenue.


Product Adoption

Show users how to use your product and why they should do it.

Turn your product more engaging

Create a learn-by-doing experience and engage users from the moment they start using your web application. In-app guides will help users interact with your product and learn while using it. Since Helppier can recognize user behavior, you will be able to create a product that talks to users before they even ask.

Show your product’s value

Highlight functionalities or important messages about your web application. Showcase how your product works through interactive user guides. And make users understand why it’s better than the competition, fast. Your product’s value shouldn’t be the last thing they understand.

Build a powerful customer support approach

New users always need guidance, no matter how intuitive your website is. With Helppier you ensure contextual support for them, as they can access information when facing problems. Build relationships and guide users through every stage of the adoption phase.


IT & Development

Quickly create on-page user manuals without coding.

Flexibility in creating user guides

Helppier lets you choose your own content as well as adapt user guides to fit your website’s design. All without coding. You can save up as much information you want while keeping your task instructions organized. You can also list product features and solutions.

Lower development costs

It’s easy to create usable and readable manuals, without any infrastructure to maintain, or coding. There is no longer the need to manually create documentation in pdf or html, take screenshots, crop images, export documents or upload files to your server. No need for a dedicated team to create user guides.

Introduce updates very quickly

Quickly create and update user manuals whenever a new version of your website or software is launched. Simply edit your guides on Helppier’s widget, and your information will be live as soon as you published it.