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Helppier’s interactive user guides can be combined with everyday tools, to reach several areas of your business.

Create onboarding messages for your website - Helppier

User Onboarding

First-time experiences can be scary 😱

If users don’t understand your product they won’t use it. So, guide new users from the moment they enter your platform!

Use in-app tutorials and contextual tooltips to prevent frustration and ensure users are on the right path. With Helppier, first-time users can learn and interact with your platform at the same time.

75% of users leave within the first week after signing up

With Helppier you show users the value of your service, and why they need it instead of the competition.

Interactive user guides for Onboarding - Helppier Tutorials
  • Create a welcome message

    Design a pop-up message that appears when users enter your platform for the first time.  You can add a funny video or image for higher engagement rates.

  • Set timer and triggers

    Choose whether you want your guide to appear after a certain time, or when users interact with a specific area on your platform.

  • Lead the way to retention

    Build tutorials to show users how to get started & explain new features using our contextual tooltips.

  • Learn from new users

    Track user engagement, see which guides are performing the best and make improvements to your platform.

Accelerate Onboarding

Show users how to get started on your platform the moment they sign in.

Introduce new features

Notify users about new features and easily update your product documentation.

Reduce user frustration

Ensure users can understand your platform quickly through a contextual assistant.

Customer Support

Users don’t have time for emails or calls 😅

Stop addressing the same issues over and over again and answer common questions with in-app user guides.

Provide a self-service tool for your customers, where they can find all the information they need without having to contact your team.

Helppier - Product tours for customer support

75% of online customers expect help within 5 minutes

Guarantee users can complete small tasks without having to contact your team. Use a 24/7 contextual assistant.

Interactive User Guides for Customer Support - Helppier Tooltips
  • Build multi-page tours

    Helppier’s guides can run through different pages, so users can follow the right path when clicking the “Next” button.

  • Set contextual tooltips

    Attach brief help messages to form fields or specific elements of your website to assist users. 

  • Gather your documentation

    Combine interactive user guides with traditional documentation. Bring your Zendesk, FAQs page or Help Docs to your platform.

Lower costs with support

Easily create and update documentation without IT and free your support team from tickets and emails.

Reduce number of tickets

Good documentation prevents support tickets. Provide a self-service tool that users can access when having questions.

Automate customer service

Set specific guides in the right place and time to guide users to the right track. Create automated in-app content so users are informed 24/7.

Interactive user guides for employee training - Helppier

Employee Training

Say goodbye to PowerPoint Presentations 👋

Your training classes and PowerPoint presentations are no longer working. Employees are forgetting information!

With Helppier you can train employees through interactive tours,  instead of hiring instructors to do it. Teach employees how to use internal platforms and give them more autonomy to check/follow instructions every time they need.

40% of employees leave within the first year due to poor training

Allow employees to learn at their own pace and boost productivity on internal platforms through in-app content.

Embed FAQs and documentation - Helppier
  • Manage your team

    Invite team members to your Helppier account, define permissions to read, edit or view content and even create roles for each one.

  • Embed everyday tools

    Forget about changing tabs. Bring everyday tools such as Docs, Calendars & Forms to your platform.

  • Translate content automatically

    International team, international needs. Use our Microsoft Translator integration to translate your guides to 65 languages automatically.

Save time with training

Create interactive and contextual lessons instead of moving employees to a room. Our widget is available anywhere, anytime.

Boost employee productivity

Boost performance by gathering your company’s documentation and everyday tools on top of your platform.

Reduce employee turnover

Ensure employees are familiar with their roles and your company’s culture.  Retain employees with microlearning content.

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Why Helppier?

Create tours and tooltips in seconds using Helppier
Easy to Use

We provide one of the easiest builders on the market. Record your guide, select an element of your platform, add content and save. No coding, live in 2 minutes.

Tool integration

Combine interactive user guides with your current tool stack. Bring your Zendesk, FAQs page, Calendars, and Docs to your platform and boost user productivity.

Interactive Experiences

Helppier can recognize user actions such as clicks, mouseovers and display tours through multiple pages on your platform. Create guides that start automatically.

Flexible Pricing

We normally charge by the number of Monthly Active Users on your platform. But we're flexible! Our team will arrange a plan that fits your company's size and goals.

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