Knowledge Management Platform

Made for smarter collaboration.

Knowledge Management Software - Helppier

Share knowledge across your organization

Forget about scattered Excels and PDFs. Organize information on a personalized dashboard that is updated in real-time, for your team. With Helppier, you spend less time searching for information and more time engaging with customers.

Built for smarter teams.

Can’t find the information you need because you forgot where you put it? Transform internal processes with a personalized Knowledge Management Software that allows you to manage, share and find information right when you need it.

Traditional way 

  • Information is scattered in different formats
  • Updates need to be informed through chat or email 
  • Difficulty in finding the right document 
  • Hardly any collaboration between distributed teams

Knowledge Management

  • All your information organized in easy-to-read cards
  • Any changes or updates are available real-time
  • Intuitive content structure with a quick search
  • Team management, comments, and direct messages

A powerful content management platform
tailor-made to your needs.


Empower knowledge sharing

Keep employees informed. Build a custom dashboard where you can organize procedures, news and resources in one place. Make knowledge available for team members, real-time, across multiple devices.

Boost productivity and collaboration

Get things done. Improve productivity and teamwork by sharing important resources. Employees can suggest improvements about specific information and leave messages about updates, events or news to all your team.

Simplify business processes

Improve efficiency in your communication flow and simplify everyday tasks. Notify users, provide feedback, approve content and share information with your team.

Quickly respond to customers

Unlike file-sharing platforms, customer success teams can find the information they need without having to explore multiple libraries and make sure that the file is updated. Leading to faster responses via email or phone call.

Helppier Features - Knowledge Management Platform

All-in-one Knowledge Management software

Customized Dashboard

Get a personalized dashboard that suits your company’s organization flow and distributed teams. Information is organized by cards, for quick access by your team.

Search tool

Quickly search content across your dashboard and accelerate response times to employees or customers.


Get feedback about a specific procedure or information card. Users can leave comments directly on the platform.


Create step-by-step procedures using text, charts, videos, and images. All changes are updated in real-time for employees.


Leave messages to all your team at the same time and confirm who read it. Announce events, news, campaigns, updates and even attach files.

Team Management

All your team in one platform. Invite users, define roles and permissions for each member of your team.

Change the way you manage documentation.

Keep agents on your contact center updated with information

Centralize information in one single repository for instant access

Share information with front offices and allow them to suggest improvements

Quickly find the information you need to respond to customers

Provide your team the best tool to be updated while being free of manuals (Excels, Word, PDFs etc)

Boosting productivity in one of the largest Hotel Groups in Europe






Average Calls


Average Emails

“Finding and managing information in our previous Excel document was a dated and inefficient process. With Helppier's Knowledge Management tool we were able to reorganize all our data in a much more appealing and intuitive display. Now, all our content can be shared internally, reviewed and updated in real-time, allowing our customer care team to promptly access accurate information, confidently reduce response time and increase guest satisfaction. With Helppier, we were able to reduce response time on 70% of our daily interactions.”

Manuel Quintella Reservations Supervisor @ Pestana Hotels

Stop worrying if your teams are sharing the right information with customers.