Tutorial Videos

Answer common questions with video tours. Record tutorial videos on top of your web application.

Tutorial Videos

Save time on recording and editing

Quickly create help videos without switching between apps. Now you can convert Helppier’s guides into ready-to-use videos of your software to share with users, online and offline.

Helppier - Create tutorial videos without leaving your application

Why it’s so useful

Reduce time spent on recording, while maximizing content re-use.

Recording demonstrations, e-learning videos, and tutorials is easy with Helppier. Update content in a matter of minutes and ensure users can keep up with your platform's updates.

Update support channels

Keep online channels like Zendesk, Vimeo and Youtube updated without spending too much time on video content.

Quickly edit documentation

Easily update and export your videos every time there is a software update, no need to retake print screens.

Boost offline training 

Provide an overview of your internal platforms to new employees during an offline session or PowerPoint presentation.

Record videos in several languages

Quickly record videos in up to 65 different languages for your international audience.

Helppier - Export tutorial videos

Create tutorial videos in minutes

Video is one of the most effective ways to assist users, but it requires several resources and third-party apps. Ranging from recording to editing and voiceover. With this feature, there's no need to switch between platforms.


Create your guide

Start by creating an interactive walkthrough on your website, using our intuitive point-and-click system.

Record your Screen

Go to "Attach Video" on your guide's settings and click "Record". Then, select your Chrome tab to start recording the screen.

Share with users!

- Download the file to share with users or upload it to channels like Vimeo or Youtube;
- Present the video directly on your website through Helppier's tool.

Automate customer service with Tutorial Videos 🎥

According to research, 68% of users actually prefer to watch a video to solve a problem rather than calling support.

With this feature, not only you reduce time spent on creating product videos but also answer common questions through self-service. Present helpful tutorial videos directly on your website or web app.

Record tutorial videos on top of your platform - Helppier
Helppier Tutorial Videos - User Manuals in different formats

User manuals in different formats

With Helppier, you can organize all your documentation and make it available on top of your application, or share it with users through traditional channels.

In one single tool, you create a complete array of user documentation in different formats: Walkthroughs, Tooltips, In-app Messages and now Videos.

Adding videos to your support stack will help:

  • Reduce user frustration
  • Lower the number of support tickets
  • Boost employee training 
  • Accelerate feature adoption
  • Improve productivity

In the age of the customer , video is king.


of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service


of consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read text on a page


of users prefer to watch a video to solve the problem, rather than contacting support

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