About Helppier

“We help companies engage and assist online users
providing a UX hub that is available anywhere, anytime.”

Helppier Then

After working over six years in the software industry, Helppier’s CEO and Founder – Hugo Magalhães – recognized the need to simplify the process of creating user documentation, immediately.

This lead to the creation of a young and well-trained team in the enterprising city of Porto, to develop software that allows the creation of on-page user manuals without any infrastructure or coding required.

And thus, Helppier was born. Born to revolutionize the world of customer experience and help lost users find the information they need.

Helppier Now

Helppier is now a fully-integrated UX tool that not only provides beautifully-designed tutorials, but also other engaging features for websites and web applications. Always keeping its initial simplicity.

Now you can count on powerful analytics tools, customization options, and in-app messaging templates to engage with online users. So, are you ready to disrupt the market with us?


To stand by the users’ side whenever they need help, be it anywhere or anytime.

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Helppier Vision

To develop an UX tool that makes UX

no more relevant in your concerns.

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The Values
that Guide Us

Lightning Fast

A new customer experience built in 1-second steps.

Simple as Possible

Interactive user guides through point-and-click, without coding.

Light as a Feather

Light and quick integration with any website or web application.

Reliable and stable

Steady performance in all major browsers and operating systems.