Guides & Messages

Create the most beautiful tours and in-app messages to engage with users online.

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Tutorials & Product Tours

Allow users to follow steps while interacting with your website or web application at the same time. Tutorials and product tours are great to show users how to get started and teach how to perform specific tasks.

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Multi-page Guidance

Helppier’s step-by-step guides are multi-page. This means you can build a workflow that runs on different pages, and users can follow the right path by simply clicking on the “Next” button.

Highlighted page elements

Tutorials and tours can appear at any position on the screen or attached to an element that you want to highlight. You can also present it at the center of the page or as a notification in the corner.

Interactive Tour Guide

HELPPIER’s tutorials interact with users’ actions, by checking when they perform a specific action for example clicking a button, hovering a page section, opening a new link, or typing some text.


Tooltips & Hotspots

Provide helpful descriptions and highlight specific areas on your website. Tooltips are non-intrusive and perfect to use next to complex features and form fields, explaining how to find specific information and why you need to collect personal information.

Helping Points

Tooltips are small hover pop-up windows that display a brief description about a specific element (image, button, form field, text) on any webpage.

Contextual Assistance

Tooltips and hotspots stay attached to a specific element of your webpage. This means the user can click to access information when needed, being a highly contextual tool.

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Beautiful ready-to-use templates 🎨

We offer a wide range of templates and customization tools so you can create user guides and in-app messages that fit your website’s design. Experiment with different colors and content and engage users with different types of messages.

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Helppier Interactive Guides and In-app Messages
User Engagement
  • Suggest products
  • Present coupons
  • Encourage upgrade
  • Cross-Sell
Staff Training
  • Suggest courses
  • Announce new modules
  • Present tutorial videos
  • Target success messages
User Onboarding
  • Introduce features
  • Present explainer videos
  • Promote webinars
  • Boost product demos
Customer Support
  • Notify policy changes
  • Inform server updates
  • Explain procedures
  • Assist in forms

Powerful in-app messaging 🚀

  • Product tours to help users get started on your website
  • Welcome messages to retain first-time users
  • Popup messages to announce products and offers
  • Banners to promote new infographics and e-books
  • Warnings to alert users about possible errors
  • Notifications to inform users about changes
  • Contextual messages to assist in complex features and form fields
  • Hotspots to highlight specific areas on your website or images
  • NPS surveys to get real feedback from customers
Helppier User Onboarding Software - Powerful In-app Messaging for the Web

Quick integration with Canva 🖌️

No design skills? No design team? No worries. We provide an easy way to create and upload designs from Canva directly to Helppier.

Canva is a powerful easy-to-use tool that allows creating beautiful graphics and imagery for free. Our integration makes it quick to fetch Canva designs and use them as backgrounds or images for your in-app messages and guides.

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Corporate Images

Unleash your creativity 💡

Combine Helppier’s beautiful templates and Canva imagery to create engaging popups, banners, warnings, tours, and much more, for your users. Now there’s no excuse for designing bad-looking messages for your website.


Choose the Canva icon when uploading images;

Create or choose one of your previous Canva designs;

Click publish and your design will be added to Helppier!

User Engagement



Set guides to start as soon as users visit a specific page in your website or web app for the first time.



Show different guides for different user groups (first-time users, active users, admin, male/female customers, etc)



Create guides that start automatically after a certain time or when a user clicks or mouseovers a specific area.

Tutorial Actions

Your guide’s steps don’t necessarily have to be static.
We provide different types of actions, which can be used to create a more interactive and personalized experience.

Walkthrough Step

This is our default action. Attach walkthrough steps to selected elements of your website.

Click on elements

Lead users to another page or area of your website when clicking on a specific element. The guide will continue to run there.


Attach guides to mouseover elements of your website. Helppier can recognize elements that are not always visible.


Demonstrate where users need to click. With this action, you can attach a bubble on a specific option of a dropdown menu.

Automated typing

You can simulate form filling. Add a description and it will automatically be presented on a selected text field.


Don’t just create guides, track performance

Take advantage of real user insights and make improvements to your application!
With Helppier you can track engagement and see which guides are more required by users.
This way, you can detect the user’s needs and adjust your approach.

Helppier Analytics - Measure your guide's performance
Guide Plays
Completion Rate
Unique Users
Reached Goals

Access our daily, weekly or monthly reports without leaving your application.

Helppier User Onboarding Software - NPS Surveys templates

Net promoter score (NPS)

Turn feedback into strategy

We provide an easy way to create and publish NPS surveys directly on your website or platform. ​​

Our NPS feature allows you to get real feedback from customers so you can adjust your strategy and grow your business. Get all the feedback you need ​to create a successful product.​

Helppier - Automated Translation for your User Guides

Translation to 65 languages

Talk to customers in the same language

Helppier supports up to 65 languages. All you need to do is define your primary and secondary languages and quickly translate your in-app guides.

Helppier - Custom Themes


In-app Messaging Templates

Select one of our beautiful templates and fully customize it to fit your goals. Change the colors, edit rich text, add buttons, or upload a background image.

Custom Themes

Just like your guides and messages, you can fully customize the appearance of Helppier’s tool to match your website design. 

Overlay Option

Use Overlay to darken the background behind the messages to boost the user’s focus and minimize distractions. You can set the opacity level.

Position Adjuster

Move guides to any position on the page. Create a popup in the center, add a banner at the bottom, or even a notification at the top.

Help users before they even ask.

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