Interactive Guides

Quick online guides for busy users

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Step-by-Step Tutorials

HELPPIER’s tutorials interact with users’ actions, by checking when they perform a specific action for example clicking a button, hovering a page section, opening a new link or typing some text.

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Multi-page Guidance

Helppier’s step-by-step guides are multi-page. This means you can build a workflow that runs on different pages, and users can follow the right path by simply clicking on the “Next” button.

Highlighted page elements

Tutorials can appear in the form of a pop-up in the center of the screen or in the form of a bubble attached to a highlighted element.

Interactive Tour Guide

Online user can follow tutorials and add their data at the same time, instead of just seeing how it’s done. Furthermore, users are not bound to a single page as they can continue follow tutorial steps on a new one.



Tooltips are small hover pop-up windows that display a brief description about a specific element (image, button, form field, text)
on any webpage.

Helping Points

Use tooltips to provide hints, suggestions and help messages across your website to provide opportune and relevant information to certain customers.

See Tooltips in Action
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Be creative with your guides

Attach guides’ steps in any page element of a website or web product including
text and image sections, iframes, forms, buttons, links, menus, within images and much more.


Remind users with specific messages that they should read and might need attention when click/mouseover an element of your website.


Inform users about important notes like a new email, software release or a new policy.


Highlight new products and features across your website to boost engagement.

User Engagement


Onboarding Messages

Set step-by-step tutorials to start as soon as users visit a specific page in your website or web app for the first time.



Show different guides for different customers groups (first time users, active users, admin, male/female customers, etc) by customizing the dimensions or values of any set conditions.



You can set your guides to start after a certain time or when a user clicks or mouseovers a specific element of your choice.



Set guides to appear automatically after a certain time to help lost users.

Helppier V3 - Onboarding Tool

Automated Translation

Helppier supports 65 languages. Not only can you define primary and secondary languages, but also intregate Microsoft Translator’s API key. Use this integration to translate your guides’ content automatically.

Team Management

You can invite team members via link, define permissions to read, edit or view content, and even create roles for each user to suit your business a little better.

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Tutorial Actions

Your guide’s steps don’t necessarily have to be static.
We provide different types of actions, which can be used to create a more interactive and personalized experience.

Walkthrough Step

This is our default action. Attach walkthrough steps to selected elements of your website.

Click on elements

Lead users to another page or area of your website when clicking on a specific element. The guide will continue to run there.


Attach guides to mouseover elements of your website. Helppier can recognize elements that are not always visible.

On Hide

You can automatically redirect the user to an upcoming step whenever a next element is hidden.


With this action you can attach a bubble on a specific option of a dropdown menu.

Automated typing

You can simulate form filling. Add a description and it will automatically be presented on a selected text field.



Monitor and analyze how and which guides are being seen.

Feedback Form

Users can rate guides through one of the 5 reaction options and in the end add a comment about the service.

helppier interactive guides
helppier interactive guides


Position Adjuster

Move Helppier widget and bubbles to any position on the screen.

Overlay Option

Overlay darkens the background behind the tutorial to boost users focus and minimise distractions.


Add text, images, videos & links. 5 Different layout combinations with title, description and multimedia attachment. Change colors and fonts to match to your website or web app.


Multi Device

Create user guides and display them in any device you like.


Choose any language that may fit your needs.


Helppier works in every major browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari and supports http and https sites.

accessibility multi device multilanguage multiplatform

Search Tool

Easy-to-use built-in search tool to simplify user navigation that lets you find all the content available on the widget.

All content in Helppier is searchable and available on all tools, using instant search so you don’t even have to press enter.

Easy Creation

No code or plugins required. Create, change or remove step-by-step tutorials and on-screen tooltips without any programming skills.

Invite your team

Delegate admin functions to other team members so they can create and publish new guides. All your team in a single account.

Two hosting methods

Helppier widget can be used as SaaS or installed in one of your servers (On premise).

Help users before they even ask.

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