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Help users get started on your platform. From walkthroughs to articles, easily create interactive user guides that work 24/7, on top of your website.
Simplify onboarding today.

Helppier Create interactive user guides - walkthroughs

What is Helppier?

Helppier is the easiest way to guide users online. 3 steps and you create interactive user guides on top of your application.
Without coding. Without switching tabs.

With Helppier you can create product tours, tutorial videos, help articles, integrate a Knowledge Base and even track performance. Bring your content together in one single tool.

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Make users fall in love with your product

Users don’t like what they cannot understand. Design a more pleasant experience by showing the benefits of your product and answering questions right before they appear.

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Helppier Creating Interactive User Guides - UX Layer
Announce Features

Create in-product messages to highlight new features.

Onboard Users

Create beautiful welcome messages that appear for first-time users.

Guide lost users

Create step-by-step guides that show a specific flow on your platform.

Gather your documentation

Integrate Docs and FAQs in Helppier’s widget to assist users.

Multi Device

Create guides that are responsive & user friendly.

Multi Language

Translate content to 65 languages automatically.

Multi Tool

Easily integrate FAQs, calendars and contact forms.

Multi Platform

Build a UX layer that runs on any browser or operating system.

Help users before they even ask.

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Create onboarding messages for your website - Helppier


First time experiences can be scary. Easily create welcome messages through a point-and-click system, and help users understand your product’s value.

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  • Onboarding Messages

    Create welcome guides that start automatically when a user enters your platform for the first time.

  • Pop up messages

    Create welcome messages that pop up in the center of your page. Make sure to add videos and images for more engagement!

  • Timer & Triggers

    Set your guides to start after a certain time or when a user clicks/mouseovers a specific area of your choice.


Answer common questions with interactive guides. Ensure that users can complete tasks through a contextual assistant and reduce the number of support calls.

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  • Multi-page Tours

    Build a workflow that runs on different pages. This way, users can follow the right path by simply clicking on the “Next” button.

  • Contextual Tooltips

    Display small help descriptions next to a form or element on your website to ensure users are informed.

  • Knowledge Base

    Integrate your Zendesk Knowledge Base, FAQs page or create your own support articles directly on the widget.

Helppier - Product tours for customer support
Helppier- interactive user guides for employee training


Traditional training is no longer working. Teach new employees how to use internal platforms through interactive step-by-step guides and tooltips.

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  • Team Management

    Invite team members, define permissions to read, edit or view content and even create roles for each one.

  • Content Translation

    International team, international needs. You can use our Microsoft Translator integration to translate your guides to 65 languages automatically.

  • Embed Tools

    Forget about changing tabs. Bring everyday tools such as Docs, Calendars & Forms to your platform and boost employee productivity.

helppier creating interactive user guides in seconds

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My experience with Helppier team has been very positive. They have shown great commitment and teamwork. Also, concern about constantly improving and evolving the product towards customer needs.

Neila Abubacar Business Process Analyst @ Cofidis

Helppier team was selected to collaborate with Telia to provide a more intuitive customer online journey. The team is dedicated and excellent to work with.

Kristi Saarements Innovation @ Telia

Helppier solution helps with the training of our new applications, saving us a lot of time on documentation development!

Vasco MarquesHR IT Developer @ Ecolint

Helppier helped solve one of the biggest problems we had in our applications. Allowing users to get the information they needed, without having to contact our support lines. We were able to reduce support calls by 60%.

Nuno GuedesSales Director @ Celfinet

Help users before they even ask.

Get a free trial for 15 days to try all our features.