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Create interactive user guides from product tours to tutorial videos - Helppier

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In-app Messages and Interactive User Guides for Onboarding - Helppier Welcome Messages

Welcome Messages

Easily create short welcome messages for users on your website. Ensure a positive first impression right from the moment they enter a page for the first time.

In-app Messages and Interactive user guides for Onboarding - Helppier Popups

Popup Messages

Use appealing marketing messages to increase conversions and encourage signups. Now it’s easy to announce features and special discounts to users.

In-app Messaging Templates for User Onboarding flow - Helppier Product Tours

Product Tours

Easily publish onboarding tours to show users how to get started. Highlight the steps users need to take on your platform to achieve goals and extract value.

In-app Messaging Templates for User Onboarding flow - Helppier Hotspots


Highlight specific areas on your website or product images to provide further information. Without cluttering your website and damaging your design.

Helppier Contextual Tooltips and In-app Messages

Contextual tooltips

Provide helpful information to assist users with complex features and form fields. Reduce frustration on registration forms and boost user autonomy.

In-app Messaging Templates for User Onboarding flow - Helppier Warnings


Alert users for possible errors and server updates directly on your website. This way you avoid frustration and troubleshoot possible questions that may occur.

In-app Messaging Templates for User Onboarding flow - Helppier Notifications


Notify users about new features available or business changes such as a new policy or customer service schedule.

In-app Messages and Interactive User Guides - Helppier Banners


Present banners at any position on the page to draw the user’s attention. Promote a new e-book or discount code.

Helppier In-app Messages and Interactive User Guides for the Web

Talk to users anywhere, anytime. ⌚

Helppier is the easiest way to engage with users online. In just a few minutes, you can create interactive user guides, popups, warnings, banners, and centralize useful content in a contextual tool that is one click away from users. Be it customers or employees.​

Promote user autonomy while reducing costs with onboarding and support.​ Without any coding.

Create beautiful onboarding tours and welcome messages to retain new users.

Increase conversions creating effective marketing campaigns with banners and popups.

Keep users out of your inbox, boost autonomy through self-service and contextual information.

Reply to customers and employees faster sharing links to tutorial videos and step-by-step tours.

Lower costs with staff or partner training, creating interactive guides and videos on internal areas.

Quickly inform about new features or updates and reduce time spent creating documentation.

Helppier Interactive User Guides - Product Tours and Tooltips

Engage with users directly in your product

Accelerate user onboarding and improve conversions. Easily create interactive user guides and in-app messages to ensure users are on the right track and see value.

Answer common questions with video tours

Reduce time spent on recording and editing. Convert user guides into ready-to-use tutorial videos of your platform and share with users online or offline.
Helppier - Create tutorial videos without leaving your application
Knowledge Management Software - Helppier

Centralize and share your knowledge

Forget about scattered Excels and PDFs. Boost productivity and accelerate response time, organizing all your information on a personalized dashboard that is updated real-time.

Say goodbye to boring FAQs.

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Create onboarding messages for your website - Helppier

User Onboarding

First time experiences can be scary. Easily create welcome messages through a point-and-click system, and help users understand your product’s value.

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Customer Support

Answer common questions with in-app guidance. Ensure users can complete tasks through a contextual assistant and reduce the number of support calls.

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Helppier for customer support
Helppier - In-app Messages and User Guides


Design and implement marketing campaigns on your website without your IT team. Engage with users in all stages of the funnel with customizable in-app messages delivered at the right place.

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Employee Training

Traditional training is no longer working. Teach new employees how to use internal platforms through  interactive in-app guidance.

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Interactive user guides for employee training - Helppier
Team Collaboration with Helppier Knowledge Management

Team Collaboration

Improve your company’s organization flow and simplify everyday tasks. Share information, provide feedback, approve content and notify your team, all in one place. No more switching tabs.

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Manuel Quintella Reservations Supervisor @ Pestana Hotels

“Now, all our content can be shared internally, reviewed and updated in real-time, allowing our customer care team to promptly access accurate information, confidently reduce response time and increase guest satisfaction. With Helppier, we were able to reduce response time on 70% of our daily interactions.”

Neila Abubacar Business Process Analyst @ Cofidis

“My experience with Helppier team has been very positive. They have shown great commitment and teamwork. Also, concern about constantly improving and evolving the product towards customer needs.”

Nuno GuedesVP Of Sales @ Celfinet

“Helppier helped solve one of the biggest problems we had in our applications. Allowing users to get the information they needed, without having to contact our support lines. We were able to reduce support calls by 60%.”

Vasco MarquesHR IT Developer @ Ecolint

“Helppier solution helps with the training of our new applications, saving us a lot of time on documentation development.”

Kristi Saarements Innovation @ Telia

“Helppier team was selected to collaborate with Telia to provide a more intuitive customer online journey. The team is dedicated and excellent to work with.”

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