The challenges of customer service and product adoption



In the Telecom industry, the greatest way to maintain a high-quality service at a low price is to embrace new automated digital technologies that simplify Product Adoption and Customer Support. Simply because that’s where it is most difficult to succeed.

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Helppier will give users a hand while navigating online and work as a self-service tool where they can find the information they need, without having to engage on research or contact an agent of your team.

Add value to your service with an efficient back-end software, on which you can manage every single detail of your Customer Service and measure User Behavior to make improvements in the future. Help users before they even ask.


  • Automated on-page assistance for online users;
  • Clients can access support articles without leaving a webpage;
  • Measure user behavior and make improvements to customer service;
  • Reduce upcoming support calls and tickets with self-service tools;
  • Accelerate management and documentation updates;
  • Centralize all information in one space;
  • Boost onboarding and training on any website or internal software.


The biggest challenge for any SaaS is to ensure users understand their product and how to use it. Introducing value and leading users to the right track becomes crucial in today’s Digital Transformation era, when there are so many options on the market.

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People won’t appreciate what they cannot understand. Therefore, building a great UX and User Onboarding strategy should be first on your concerns.

With Helppier you can create step-by-step tutorials that run on top of any page, build online courses about your functionalities or gather all your support content in one single hub. All this without coding.


  • Create End User documentation faster and without coding;
  • Measure customer satisfaction and make improvements to your SaaS;
  • Improve user onboarding and training with step-by-step guides;
  • Provide 24/7 on-page support content;
  • Speed up releases and product updates;
  • Highlight specific features of your software;
  • Accelerate product adoption with a powerful support approach.

E-commerce & Retail

A positive Customer Service and Experience is crucial for the success of any E-commerce or Retail business. Because that’s precisely where you need to stand out to earn Customer loyalty and retain users.

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Make users part of your strategy by providing personalized on-page messages across your E-commerce website. Messages that appear at the right place and time. This way, clients can access information right when they need it, and even be updated on your latest releases. Helppier lets you create targeted messages for specific users or amazing pop ups to boost engagement.

Lead the way to users and highlight specific areas of your website to ensure processes such as Payment or Subscriptions are easy to complete. Provide an exceptional experience at all times.


  • Highlight particular areas of your Ecommerce website;
  • Create popups to boost engagement;
  • Facilitate payment processes with on-page tutorials;
  • Provide customer support at all times;
  • Measure Customer Happiness;
  • Retain users with an exceptional customer service;
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment with targeted messages;
  • Increase conversions with positive customer service.


Very often in the Hospitality sector, online users struggle to find the information they need about a specific room or even make a reservation, leading to numerous support calls and inquiries for businesses.

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Support agents often take longer than 5 minutes to answer and can’t take 15% of the incoming calls. This difficulty demands for quick automated solutions such as interactive tutorials that guide users to the right track, and an efficient system that allows to manage and display documentation faster for agents.

Provide personalized on-page support tools that work 24/7, highlight new promotions on your platform and facilitate the lives of your Call Center team.


  • Users can make reservations without contacting your team;
  • Users/Employees can find information quickly and on top of any page;
  • Highlight new promotions on your platform;
  • Manage and update documentation faster;
  • Operators can share guide’s links to show how to make a reservation;
  • Reduce incoming calls and support costs;
  • Create user guides in different languages;

Banking & Insurance

Customers of Banking and Insurance institutions keep demanding for simple and safe options. This requires the adoption of digital technologies which can help unlock user experience quickly and effectively.

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Provide a real-time online support tool that is available everytime, everywhere to ensure both users and agents can perform tasks correctly. Simplify complex processes through digital solutions such as tooltips, step-by-step guides and centralized on-page information.

Take advantage of User behavior analytics, omni-channel delivery and engaging content, to provide personalized guidance to your clients when they are filling in forms or making payments. Or ensure dispersed agents can access the information they need to be productive on the field.


  • Centralize all information in one single hub for agents;
  • Provide an effective back-end system that allows to manage and update documentation quickly;
  • Self-service support tool for both end customers and agents;
  • Ensure customers can follow complex processes and forms with interactive guides;
  • Say goodbye to multiple formats and outdated files;
  • Accelerate employee training with interactive guidance and on-page display;
  • Create, share and update documentation without any coding or IT skills.

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