Say hello to a new generation of support by integrating Helppier with tools such as Hubspot and Mixpanel.

Design Tools

Helppier integration with Canva


Quickly create and fetch designs from Canva
Your design team is completely busy? Don’t worry. With this integration, you can easily bring designs from Canva and upload it to your in-app messages. You can use designs as backgrounds or images. Be creative: illustrations, step-by-step gifs, mockups, banners, discount campaigns, and much more!
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Calendars & Forms

Helppier Integrations - Hubspot forms and calendars


Get more leads by integrating HubSpot forms and calendars.
You can bring your HubSpot forms and calendars directly to Helppier so users can quickly get in touch with our team, without changing tabs. You simply need to copy and paste the shareable link.
Helppier integrations - Mailchimp


Integrate your newsletter campaigns and subscribe forms
Now you can share your latest news or campaigns with your audience directly on your website or internal area. Helppier can be integrated with MailChimp and display your newsletters and subscribe forms.
Helppier integrations - Calendly


Integrate your Calendly account and book meetings faster

Helppier can be integrated with Calendly and present your meetings calendar directly on our widget. Get more leads and more booked meetings by bringing your calendar to your website.

Helppier integrations - Typeform


Bring your interactive forms to Helppier’s widget

Share your interactive Typeforms in a contextual and engaging way. Users will be able to access your forms using our widget and keep reading your page at the same time.

Application Builders

Helppier integrations -

Bubble (Beta)

Create onboarding messages for your Bubble application
Do users often get lost when using your Bubble application for the first time? Improve user experience today! Bubble is a powerful platform that allows developing web applications without coding.  Install Helppier using our snippet code or chrome extension.
Helppier integrations - Electron JS

Electron JS (Beta)

Help new users get started with your Electron JS application
Do you have a desktop application built using Electron JS? Helppier is one of the few onboarding tools that is compatible with this type of application. Integrate Helppier on your Electron JS application with a simple copy and paste! It’s time to guide lost users to the right track.



Google Analytics

Gather all the important data about your website’s performance and get insights quickly.
If you have a Google Analytics account, this integration will include Helppier’s data on your dashboards. This means, we automatically send specific events about your guides in order to assist the tracking and provide a better analysis of your user’s behaviors.

Google Tag Manager

Easily manage Helppier’s snippet on GTM and start creating interactive content more quickly.
We have integrated Helppier with GTM to enable a smoother installation of Helppier’s widget. So you’ll no longer need to manually place our snippet code into your website.
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Don’t just help users, learn from them and make improvements to your website.
The Mixpanel integration will allow you to measure user behavior and retain valuable information about your guide’s performance. Get insights about the visitors who have seen Helppier’s tutorials and tooltips and make improvements to your user experience. Moreover, you will be able to segment events by properties, visualize usage and report how often customers engage with our service.



Microsoft SharePoint

Introduce SharePoint features to new employees and accelerate onboarding in just a few steps.
Boost productivity on Microsoft SharePoint with Helppier’s widget. With this integration you are able to create interactive user guides and bring on-page content directly to Microsoft Sharepoint through our intuitive point-and-click system.
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Helppier API

Our API is now accessible to developers, further improving our integration capabilities.
We provide information on how the API can be configured and tailored to specific needs – simply refer to our documentation.
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