Did you know the human attention span is only about eight seconds? You should rethink your employee training strategy.

Just like the corporate world itself, the learning landscape is constantly shifting. In fact, in 2016, around 40% of chief learning officers believed their employee training strategy was not effective anymore. And the reasons for this might be clearer than you think.

According to a study developed by Microsoft, the human attention span decreased around 4 seconds since 2000. Proving that traditional classes are less effective in today’s generations.

So, forget about traditional thinking if you want to onboard new employees this year. Here are some things you need to consider for a better and modern employee training strategy.

Opt for Microlearning

In today’s busy society, it’s easy to lose focus. So, in order to capture your employee’s attention, you should focus on short-term lessons and activities. Instead of offering too much information at once.

Microlearning has become a huge trend in 2017. And won’t stop growing this year. It is proven to be more effective as it consumes less time and is available exactly when someone needs it.

Organizations are embracing microlearning as it is cheaper to build, quicker to deploy, and can be updated fairly easily.

Great examples of Microlearning are training quizzes, step-by-step tutorials, Youtube videos, online courses or even daily small nuggets of information via Email or SMS.

Create engaging content

In case you didn’t know, 69% of employees are more likely to stay in a company for three years after they experienced great onboarding. So make it count.

Modern tools like Helppier, Youtube and Udemy can turn employee Onboarding and Training a lot more engaging and effective, as they offer visual and interactive content. You can create better retention with on-page step-by-step guides about a particular functionality, short engaging videos about your company or even virtual reality training simulations.

Incorporating Gamification into your corporate training can also be a great strategy, as it encourages competition among colleagues. A few examples could be offering rewards and points after they complete a learning course or activity, or even create a leaderboard.

The choice is yours.


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Take advantage of everyday channels

Nowadays, learning means checking articles on Medium and Facebook. Searching for an answer on Google. Watching a video on Youtube… And that’s precisely what you should offer to your employees.

Combine Microlearning content with everyday technologies for a more accessible, convenient and fast knowledge sharing. And if you can, include this content on top of your website or platform, for a more interactive experience.

Forget about traditional classes, in our digital era, we learn at our own pace and expect to be treated as individuals.


Provide continuous Niche learning

Ensure your employees are familiar with specific areas such as information technology or cybersecurity. In other words, Niche learning.

Employees will need to expand their knowledge to keep up with the market’s pace, so adopting microlearning tools that are available constantly, instead of the traditional one-time access, will give you a great advantage.

This way you can provide more learning opportunities throughout the year, as well as ensure highly specified training content for your team to meet your business goals quicker and more effectively.

On-demand learning and support

Nowadays it’s so easy to find information right when we need it. We simply grab our smartphones, reach for search engines and immediately get answers for unexpected problems.

And that’s precisely the mindset you should be applying to your corporate training strategy. Create your own learning platform and ensure your employees know where to find the information they require to perform daily tasks.

This means you should also control and update information to guarantee specific content for specific individuals, and not just throw every data you think it’s relevant. Make sure it is useful.

Thank you very much for reading and don’t forget to visit us at helppier.com for an interactive training tool.

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