There is an infinite number of reasons why you should use onboarding tools to improve the shopping experience of your customers. Let’s talk about some of them.

You bought a super modern and multifunctional washing machine with at least 20 washing programs. But the manual instructions are just way too tedious! And so begins a new adventure, where little by little, by trial and error, you discover how some programs work.

However, you end up discovering that you won’t make the most out of your new washing machine. You realize you are not taking full advantage of all its features, and eventually, you might just give up on it. This is why Onboarding tools are so important.

Even when building a washing machine, we must think about how people will use it. We ought to guide customers to maximize the potential of that machine for the users. What we wish is for customers who are happy with the purchase, who eventually become loyal customers.

When we talk about audience guidance and purchase satisfaction, we cannot forget instructions manuals, online guidance tools or explanatory videos.

These are just three examples of essential materials that can also be very interactive. As each company and product is different, these “guides” will be different for each of them. This “guidance period” adds to the first impact of a new product. Being equivalent to a first impression, this period is of paramount importance for successful user engagement. Therefore, we should always take advantage of Onboarding to build more positive customer experience.


Your client’s success is your success.

The more targeted a product is, the better the chances of achieving everyone’s goals will be. Understanding the customers’ needs and showing them how to use your product or service, in order to optimize their use, is the key to success.

A satisfied customer is, above everything, someone who will speak highly of your company. The famous word of mouth marketing, or referral marketing, or even buzz marketing? It will be easy peasy and free of charge. In the end, it all translates to success.

On the other hand, success for your client is to achieve a specific goal and satisfy a specific need. Their success is the guarantee that they will not abandon you and will always return.

Everyone wins with happier customers.

Bring your customers closer with Onboarding tools.

One of the main concerns of one company is operating expenses, especially personnel expenses. Onboarding tools not only reduce expenses but also shorten the distance between you and your client. How? You might ask.

Having a good understanding of each other and a bit of caring can cement a pleasant and long-term relationship. On the contrary, poor service can block a relationship from the outset. It will then be difficult for the customer to return or even to actually acquire your product.

Onboarding is the guarantee you need. Your customer will be well served and, more importantly, well-guided in the first contact with your company. He will feel more confident about using your other products or services. Therefore, it is imperative in the short and long run for building loyal and strong relationships.

Give man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.

Let’s go back to the example of the washing machine. Only a satisfied and well-oriented customer moves on right? The objective of those who buy modern equipment like this is to make the most out of all its attributes. Hence, you should focus more on Onboarding and plan it out, to help the client realize his desires.

It’s about removing the initial barriers between customers and products, giving results. This is what we call the first value. In the case of the customer who purchased the newest generation washing machine, he doesn’t only care about washing, spinning and drying their laundry. We won’t win over a satisfied customer with that.

However, if we go that little bit further to really teach the customer how to operate his new washing machine, as the saying above goes, he will be washing clothes for a lifetime, making the most profit out of his purchase. We should structure Onboarding so that the client is “taught how to fish”. He will feel confident, and above all else, he will not give up and turn his back, neither on your product nor in you.

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