Did you know most apps lose 70% of their users within the first three days of use?

When you run an online business, it isn’t easy to build the perfect experience for users. And, most of the times, companies actually focus on acquiring new users, instead of capturing the ones that bumped into their website, software or app. Foolish right? Don’t follow the same path.

On a first visit, it’s important to demonstrate your product’s value to get people to sign up. Which can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have the right Onboarding tools to help you guide your visitors to a specific flow. Or a talented UX designer.

Using user guides like Helppier, for example, is an easy way to create a more pleasant experience and teach users step-by-step, how your service works and why they need it. User Onboarding is proved to be essential when you want to make sure new users keep coming back. In fact, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

But you probably know what Onboarding means, and for some reason, you didn’t think it was important enough to bet on it. Well, you’re wrong. Statistics also show that the average app loses 70% of its daily active users within the first 3 days post-install, meaning that whether they didn’t appreciate the service or found a better solution.

But don’t panic, today we will share some basic hints to turn a new user into a loyal customer.

Create an objective

First of all, define a clear strategy of the goals you want to achieve on your platform. You will not want to create a flow that leads nowhere. When you’re sure about the main goal of your product, create a welcome message which makes it clear for users, or highlight specific areas that could trigger that specific behavior.

Onboarding can very well, be integrated into Marketing strategies to draw attention from visitors. Remember that.

Get started with a welcome message

As mentioned above, a good first message helps to clarify what your website or app is about and what it can offer. Moreover, it’s perfect to generate a better relationship with users. When personalized and targeted for specific groups of users, of course.

We all love to feel special and be treated as individuals. Take this into consideration for your Onboarding strategy.

Before asking users to use your product, begin to teach them how it works

Explain just enough to entice people to sign up, don’t provide a bunch of unnecessary information about your software or an extremely long tutorial. Because it can also cause confusion and become extremely frustrating.

And bet on high-quality content. Videos, images and a great copy can do miracles for your business and make you stand out from the competition.

Provide contextual assistance

To interest visitors, it’s important to give better details about your software if they want to learn more or if they have any questions. Centralize your information into one area of your website, including all of your user guides and important FAQ articles. This way, users can find the information they need without having to wait for an answer from your staff, or engage in research.

They will appreciate the fact that you didn’t waste their time.

Show credibility

Include user testimonials on your website, or even on your Onboarding flow. This will give the idea that you’re a serious business and that your product has value.

Create enlightening annotations, without confusing or complicated messages. It will help users to trust your product. And don’t use too many adjectives, they give the idea that you’re exaggerating.

Get them excited about the product

Turn a first-time user into an active customer with Gamification, Social Media sharing, an awesome customer service, and gradual updates. Find out what their Aha! Moment is, and ensure your onboarding strategy leads users to that flow, smoothly.

Then, keep their experience as enjoyable as possible and introduce new interesting features. A great strategy would also be to introduce some scarcity or even create fun levels as they keep using your app.

Use Helppier to help you.

Photography by Olu Eletu


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