Here’s how to get users hooked to your incredible software!

Big companies seem to have accomplished their success based on the theory that users should use their service regardless of specific needs. This means creating, somehow, a relationship where the client uses the application constantly and eventually build a habit out of it.

For example: How often do you see yourself googling involuntarily? “Ok, I need to search for a new house — opens google” Think about how many times you grab your phone and immediately check your Facebook page or text someone through WhatsApp.

The real question is: how did they manage to get us hooked? We have busy lives, we go to work, take our kids to school and only have around 3, 4 hours of free time to actually spend on applications. Besides that, the mobile market grows every year and it’s so easy to replace one app for another! How do you plan to stay on the screen and prove that your product is better than the competition?


We have some tips for you:

Analyze the use of your product

How often do they use your app? Is it going as expected? If not try to figure out possible reasons. Think about what makes customers use your service regularly and compare the data of those who don’t. Analyze which are the steps that lead them to use your service and focus on those to improve your onboarding strategy.

Make it pretty!

Nowadays there is no excuse for a bad design. The image is as important as the quality of your software. Keep in mind to give it a fresh look, you need something to make your customers fall in love with your product. Go for simple and elegant details or just give it some colorful and fun elements! Please don’t go boring. Also, keep this in mind: make it intuitive, highlight the right elements and design specifically for the user.

Build opportunities to share something new

Try to choose the best time to introduce new features. Do not give them a bunch of updates and products at the same time. Let them breathe. If you are trying to get them hooked, focus on improving their first experience, what do they need to know on their first time? And then, gradually provide them new, interesting things to keep their attention.

Provide an awesome customer service

Statistics show that 98% of US consumers prefer brands that have good online self-service. Provide relevant information and be aware of questions that might surge. Go for personalized customer service, ditch the FAQ’S. Talk to them via chat, generate automatic e-mails and push notifications or create step by step guides. If your customers feel lost while using your service there is a lower chance they will use it again. (Click to tweet)

Connect to social media

Nowadays social media has a huge impact on people’s lives, especially among younger people. If you want your service to shine give your customers the possibility to share with their friends and family that new product they bought, or if it’s a game, to share their results or funny pictures of the character they just created. Also, the more often they share content on Facebook or Twitter the more audience you reach. It’s a win-win situation.

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