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How Pestana Hotel Group reduced response time in about 70% of customer interactions through better Knowledge Management

With Manuel Quintella, Reservations Supervisor

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As the largest hospitality group with Portuguese origin, with more than 95 units spread across 15 countries, one of the biggest challenges Pestana Group faces is to efficiently update content and internally share information.

Pestana’s call center team is responsible for handling all direct customer tickets, ensuring positive experiences for all hotel guests and, at the same time, drive revenue and customer loyalty.  

The major challenge was that replying to customer calls implied searching for information in an extensive Excel sheet. The process was time-consuming as the file took a long time to load and it was difficult to navigate and keep the information updated, resulting in an increase of time response when interacting with guests and colleagues.

"Finding and managing information in our previous Excel document was a dated and inefficient process"

Pestana’s team always believed in the importance of improving information flow and accuracy to provide exceptional customer experiences. With that in mind, the team decided to move from a traditional approach to a web-based solution provided by Helppier, in order to centralize information regarding all units in one single portal.

"With Helppier's Knowledge Management tool we were able to reorganize all our data in a much more appealing and intuitive display."

Knowledge Management: Success Story with Pestana Hotel Group - Helppier

The Knowledge Management platform gathers information in an appealing dashboard, containing a list of all Pestana’s units organized by categories for easy access. The call center team now uses this platform to find information regarding hotel rooms, notes, and procedures to provide faster and better responses to customers. In addition, the platform allows them to quickly search specific information, simplifying this process.

Another major challenge was collecting feedback from the call center team and all Pestana properties since they are dispersed. It’s often necessary to report errors and leave notes with last-minute changes so that all teams are synchronized. Using the Excel sheet, it was difficult to record any changes in real-time and it was important for each unit manager to have direct access and be responsable for its own information.

"Now, all our content can be shared internally, reviewed and updated in real-time, allowing our customer care team to promptly access accurate information, confidently reduce response time and increase guest satisfaction."

The Helppier platform improved the way Pestana’s call center team collaborates, by allowing to comment on specific information cards and leave messages to all team members in a matter of seconds. Before, the feedback was often shared through email and, several times, unread.

With the success of their initial experience in the call center, the team saw an opportunity to expand to all 95 hotels worldwide to maximize efficiency and boost the productivity of their front office teams. Helppier’s Knowledge Management tool plays now a crucial role in Pestana’s customer experience strategy. 

With Helppier, we were able to reduce response time on 70% of our daily interactions.

Manuel Quintella Reservations Supervisor @ Pestana

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