In business, there is something your money cannot buy and that you have to care about: loyal customers. (Click to tweet) For many reasons, having the perfect product or services it isn’t sufficient to be a sales leader. Remember: “They may love your products but hate management, can haven’t a viable alternative, or competitors may be no better.”  More so, the cost to acquire a new customer or/and keeping a current one is too high. And competitors are just a click away! But before thinking about what the best option to satisfy customers is, and convince them that your company is the best choice, you have to know that there are different types of customers loyalty:

Purchase Loyalty:
This means that you can offer your customers discounts, rewards or sales promotions
for your products. However, two major problems arise: the risk of the competition offering better deals, and the risk of compromising your business for the customers will always be waiting for new discounts or promotions.

Convenience Loyalty:
The customers are loyal not because they prefer your products and they’re the better ones but because they are the most convenient.

Restricted Loyalty:
There’s no competition in the surroundings, so the customer will always choose your products for the lack of others. But the appearance of a new competitor or the possibility of acquiring products through the internet might sway these customers.

True Loyalty:
When customers have a high level of satisfaction with your product and won’t change their favoritism for another.


Thus, loyalty is all about emotions. The key is to build unique customer relationships unique and make them feel like “kings” or “queens” so they won’t forget you. Customers value talking to a real person and like to be seen as “one of us”. Pay attention to their opinions because they will not give you a second chances and they can leave all of a sudden.

Another thing you have to remember is that loyal customers provide the best marketing. And besides that, it helps to better control marketing costs because it is completely free. They provide word of mouth promotion and give your firm more of a positive reputation at your firm. But you have to constantly prove your impeccable service. By exceeding their expectations, doing the unexpected and anticipating their needs, the more they will recommend your products.
In the end, do not forget to thank customers for doing business with you: they always remember more the last impressions.

Photography by Mayur Gala

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