Best WalkMe Alternatives

Looking for a WalkMe Alternative
that is easier to use?

With Helppier you create interactive user guides in a matter of minutes. We provide an intuitive point-and-click system that requires no technical knowledge or coding.

From product tours and tooltips to tutorial videos, your teams can easily build beautiful help messages to convert and retain users online.

WalkMe Pros and Cons

As one of the pioneers in the digital adoption platform industry, WalkMe features specialize in staff onboarding
and training. 

Why Helppier is different

The WalkMe training software is an example of performance and functionality, allowing users to create walkthroughs with a wide range of configurations.

Due to its wide range of features, WalkMe feels perfect for enterprise/corporate companies or professionals that understand IT. Since it strives to provide several functionalities, it might not be understandable to everyone and can take some time to get used to.

Why Helppier is a great alternative to WalkMe

Helppier is the perfect WalkMe alternative for professionals looking for more than just user onboarding. A fully-integrated software that allows creating appealing walkthroughs, tutorial videos, popups, banners, and much more, without any help from developers and designers.

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Easy Integration

Helppier can be easily installed using a Chrome Extension or pasting a Code Snippet into your website. As simple as installing Google Analytics.

Intuitive builder

Your team can literally create an onboarding flow through your website or platform by clicking on the elements and adding a message.

Beautiful templates

We offer a wide range of templates that you can use to create popups, warnings, notifications, tours, and helpful tooltips.


Helppier’s in-app guides are responsive to mobile devices and work in all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Tool integrations

You can embed your tool stack into Helppier’s widget so users don’t need to change tabs. Integrate your FAQ page, contact forms, calendar, documents, etc.

Startup-friendly Pricing

Helppier’s starter plan is one of the most budget-friendly in the market. If you’re a small company, we have flexible pricing that suits your needs.

Best WalkMe Alternatives - Meet Helppier - Interactive User Guides and Walkthroughs

When to choose Helppier

As a great WalkMe Alternative, Helppier is an easy-to-use software that requires minimal setup. We recommend Helppier for teams outside the IT and engineering fields that want to improve user experience and productivity, with minimal effort and costs.

Helppier makes it a lot easier to create user documentation and in-app messages for websites. A suitable solution for marketers, project managers, HR managers, and UX designers, due to its intuitive builder and quick publishing.

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