Knowledge Base

Give access to help articles while users are browsing a webpage.

Helppier knowledge base connector -

Knowledge Base Connector

Provide an interactive self-service experience for online users

Time is precious nowadays, don’t waste it looking for documentation. Integrate your Knowledge Base to display articles on any page, and follow steps at the same time. No need to change between tabs.


Zendesk and Desk integration

Integrate your or Zendesk account on Helppier’s backoffice and gather your Knowledge Base articles in one single hub.

On-page display

Our widget will load all your support articles, and sort them by topics. This way users can access your documentation on every page of your website.

Help articles right
on your website

Why it’s so amazing

All information in one place

Often, users need to go back and forth between pages to find the information they need. You just need to embed your knowledge base systems into our widget and centralize all information in one place.

Effective and interactive support

This feature will enable users to read information and follow steps simultaneously, becoming a much more effective way to learn how to use your web application or website. This way you can avoid upcoming support calls and reduce costs.

Quick self-service for lost users

Users shouldn’t have to wait or look for an answer. Display support articles right when they are navigating your website, and allow an immediate self-service tool that will help them solve their problems right away.

Powerful content search

Users are able to quickly access the information they need by just typing a few keywords. With one search bar you can access and open different types of files, including not only articles, but also step-by-step guides, without ever leaving the page.

helppier knowledge base
helppier knowledge base

How it Works


Have a Desk or Zendesk account

Helppier is compatible with these platforms, so we advise you to have an account there to start using this tool effectively.

Activate Integration

On your or zendesk account, you only need to get a few values as your API token, and paste it into Helppier’s backoffice.

Start Helpping!

And that’s it. Your articles are now available on the widget and ready to help lost users on any page.

Good Documentation prevents Support

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