Two years ago Helppier was “born” to revolutionize the online support field by developing a tool that allows the creation of interactive user guides for any web page. The main goal of Helppier is to be the most intuitive, easy-to-use tool in the market and to provide businesses the opportunity to grow and improve their customer service.


In the past few months, our team has been working hard to bring the software to a higher level, and it’s finally ready! After much effort we are happy to announce that Helppier’s new version is out!

Many changes were made but the main focus was in terms of design. We decided to have a huge makeover and transformed the ugly duckling  into a swan.

The new widget is far more elegant and clean and will enable companies to fully customize their tutorials and tooltips. Furthermore, we developed three new standard themes. The colour palette goes from lighter to darker, one being a soft grey, the second being a light blue and the last a darker blue. The guides will fit perfectly into your website!

The next step was the website, it’s completely new and more professional than the previous one. It’s rich with information about the service and all the features available. When you have some time, have a look at it. It has a simpler structure and new sophisticated details.

More importantly, we would like to introduce our mobile version. With the mobile market growing every year, we couldn’t stay behind. For that reason, we developed a version that could be sustainable everywhere: in your computer, smartphone or tablet! Besides being a Multi-Platform tool that supports any browser or operating system, Helppier is also a Multi-Device service that will allow you to access your account anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, with international team members coming and going, we recognized the importance of having a Multi-Language tool. With the new version you are able to choose any language you want and fit your user-guides to your market’s needs.

Last but not least, the logo also changed: it turned from a smiling face to a winking face! This being said, we will not be responsible for any heartbreaks out there. Sorry ladies.

Helppier is a big boy now!

Photography by Sascha Oberholzer

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