Happier users!

Creating interactive user guides in seconds

What is Helppier?

An online support tool that enables your company to
create interactive step-by-step tutorials and tooltips.

Helppier is all about going beyond the traditional online
customer service. By creating sequential instructions to
interactively guide users on your website or web app, users don’t
need to go back and forth between videos and user manuals.

All this without ever leaving it.

Why Helppier?

Interactive Experience

We supply an intelligent tool that recognizes and
meets your users’ needs, improving the relationship
and shortening the gap between your company and
your customers. Provide on-demand contextual help
that will feel like a real time lecture where the user can
learn and interact while following instructions.

Simple & Quick

Help your customers in any device and browser with
our easy-to-use widget. Without coding or advanced
programming skills you can, in a matter of minutes,
create intuitive walkthroughs to guide your users and
achieve your business goals.

Elegant Design

Engage online users through clean guided workflows.
With our non-intrusive and customizable widget, you
can engage your viewers with appealing tutorials and
tooltips that will blend in perfectly with your website,
optimizing the overall user experience.

Mobile Support

Being able to access your projects on the
go is a crucial part of the modern world.
With Helppier you can create
interactive step-­by­-step guides for your
website through your smartphone, tablet
or desktop and decide in which devices
they are available. The customization and
optimization of your service is now
literally in your hands.

Users can follow instructions and interact with your page at the same time.


Step-by-step guides created to help users.

User action
HELPPIER’s tutorials interact with users’ actions,
by checking when they perform a specific action
for example clicking a button, hovering a page
section, opening a new link or typing some text.

Highlighted element
Help can appear in the form of a pop-up in the
center of the screen or in the form of a bubble
attached to a highlighted element.

Preview how it looks
Visitors can follow tutorials and add their data at
the same time, instead of just seeing how it’s done.
Furthermore, users are not bound to a single page
as they can follow the steps on a new one.


Small rectangular pop-up windows.

On-­demand contextual help for your users
Tooltips are small rectangular pop­up windows
that display a brief description of any specific
element (image, button, form field, text)
on webpages.

Call attention in one click
Use tooltips to provide hints, suggestions and
help messages across your website to provide
opportune and relevant information to
particular customers.