Introducing V3

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Build personalized interactions with the new version of our onboarding tool. Helppier V3 takes interactive guidance to a new level, introducing better multilanguage features and advanced team management.

Helppier V3 - New version of our onboarding tool

The new challenges we are solving 💪

Translations are costly and time-consuming.

Users needed to translate content to languages that Helppiers’ previous version didn’t support. In addition,  there was a need for a faster and easier translation feature, so that users didn’t have to hire resources. With that in mind, we simplified the manual translation process and introduced an integration with Microsoft Translator, enabling users to translate all content to 65 new languages automatically.

Users don’t want to change tabs.

One of the major challenges we found was accessibility. The new version improves Helppier’s in-app concept, as it allows to integrate different tools, documents, videos and even create help articles on top of any website. Also, you now have access to advanced settings such as users, translations and integrations without using the backoffice.

The need to have more control.

To build a workflow through different pages, users need to have control over elements that are interactive or not always visible. Helppier V3 offers more precision in creating triggers and actions to ensure that the tutorials run smoothly on complex workflows. Without coding, the new version allows defining actions between steps with new predefined use cases.

Big teams require more management.

Companies that use our guides for employee training, usually install it on internal systems and applications. Normally, these companies have several employees adding, editing and viewing information at the same time. This creates the need for a feature that allows to manage multiple team members and set permissions and roles for each one.

Automated Translation

With the V3, not only can you define primary and secondary languages, but also intregate Microsoft Translator’s API key. Use this integration to translate your guides’ content to 65 new languages automatically.

Helppier V3 - Onboarding Tool
Meet Helppier V3 - User Invitation via link

Team Management

Now you can invite team members via link, define permissions to read, edit or view content, and even create roles for each user to suit your business a little better.


Bring your FAQs, Docs, Calendars and Forms to the widget. Configurate different tools through a simple process.


Create and define categories for your guides and easily organize your content through drag & drop.


Get more precision on defining triggers for complex workflows.  Set actions between steps with predefined use cases.


Build your own Knowledge Base and create step-by-step articles on the widget itself. Gather your company’s documentation.

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