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Welcome Tours & Messages

Use welcome messages and tours to assist users who enter a specific area of your product for the first time. Take this moment to explain the value you’re offering and highlight your most important features.

Tooltips & Hotspots

Use hotspots and tooltips to increase feature adoption by selectively driving the user’s attention toward specific features/options. Provide a brief description to contextualize users about how it works or its benefits.

Product Demos & Webinars

When users start to understand how your product works, you can introduce them to new options and features they don’t know about. Create messages to promote your product demo or webinar and have a chat with your customers.

Feedback Surveys

Use Feedback Surveys to understand how your users feel about your overall service or specific features. Net Promoter Score is a great tool to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback from your active users, without making them leave your product.

Feature Announcements

Use in-app announcements frequently to share product updates and newly released features with users. This will help improve user engagement towards your product and help build trust as your service is constantly improving and adapting to their needs.

Alerts & Notifications

Emails and social media posts can pass unnoticed. Use Alerts and Notifications directly on your product to ensure users are informed about possible errors, important changes, or upcoming maintenance dates.