Use Cases

Create, Monitor & Optimize
A solution that fits your business


Bring your service to the next level

Reduce customer support costs

With Helppier you can guide your
users by creating interactive guides
to help them in specific parts of
your website or web app and improve their
overall online experience.
If potential customers are lost in
your website or web app, with our self-service
tool they can find the information
they need without contacting your
team or engage on research.

Customers will learn how to use
your service faster without leaving
the webpage, saving their time and
your resources.

Onboard new visitors

Use Helppier to introduce your
website or product to new visitors.
A first message helps clarify what
your service is about and what it
can offer to your customers. Your
created tutorials will help users
navigate through your website with
the “next” button to follow each
step. You can also create a default
message to show when users are
loading your website or web app for the first

Users need a positive first-time
experience to come back and
convert to paying clients.

On-demand contextual help

Helppier allows online businesses
to get more active customers and
stop addressing the same issues
over and over again by answering
common questions with guided
tours. You can also use tooltips to
provide hints and suggestions
across your site or web application
to supply opportune and relevant
information to the users.

This will provide a more dynamic
browsing experience.


Create a perfect fitting feature

Flexibility in
creating user guides

Helppier gives you the possibility
to choose your own content as well
as adapting the guides to fit your
website or web app look. You can save up as
much information you want while
keeping your task instructions or-
ganized. You can also list product
features and solutions.

Lower development costs

It’s easy to create usable and
readable manuals, without any
infrastructure to maintain, and
complex instructions to follow.
There is no longer the need to
manually create documentation in
pdf or html, take screenshots, crop
images, export documents or
upload files to your server.

No need for a dedicated team to
create user guides.

Reduce time to market

Quickly create and update
tutorials whenever a new version of
your website or web app is updated.

Your information is live as soon as
you published it.

Use cases

Create, Monitor & Optimize
A solution that fits your business


Coach your team in a new way

Reduce training costs

With our widget you can guide
your employees through guides instead of hiring experts
to train them.

Our service is available anywhere,
at anytime and on any device
saving money, time and other

Improve productivity

Boost performance giving your
employees more autonomy and
the ability to check / follow
instructions every time they need
without any inconvenience. Provide
assistance with consolidated
information so employees can
complete assignments quicker.

You can help staff members to
learn essential day-to-day
activities, making them easier
and more intuitive to learn.

employee Onboarding

Teaching your new employees can
be a difficult and time consuming
task. By following the guidelines
you set in tutorials you ensure that
they apply and retain what they

The onboarding of
newcomers becomes simpler,
leading to a faster integration in
the company.


Increase conversions
and revenue

Create a more pleasant experience
by showing the benefits of your
product and answering questions
right before they appear.
By providing more orientation,
users will be able to spend more time
on the website or web app, and therefore more
tempted to buy your products or
services, turning visitors into

Promote news and features

Highlight new products and deals
on your website to catch the
viewer’s attention. Keep them
updated on your activities and
deals and at the same time create
“Calls to Action” in order to engage
the user.

Improve brand loyalty

Good user experience generates
interest which leads to a better
reputation and customer
loyalty. People will associate the
brand with overall positive
emotions, leading to users
returning to the website or web app and
referring to their contacts / friends.