Amazing features to help you!

Creating an Interactive Customer Experience


Interactive Tour Guide
HELPPIER’s tutorials interact with users’ actions,
by checking when they perform a specific action
for example clicking a button, hovering a page
section, opening a new link or typing some text.
Highlighted page elements
Tutorials can appear in the form of a pop-up in the
center of the screen or in the form of a bubble
attached to a highlighted element.
User Engagement
Visitors can follow tutorials and add their data at
the same time, instead of just seeing how it’s done.
Furthermore, users are not bound to a single page
as they can continue follow tutorial steps on a new one.


Helping Points
Tooltips are small hover pop-¬up windows
that display a brief description about a specific
element (image, button, form field, text)
on webpages.
Call attention in one click
Use tooltips to provide hints, suggestions and
help messages across your website to provide
opportune and relevant information to
certain customers.


Multi Device
Create user guides and display them in any device you like.
Choose any language that
may fit your needs.
Helppier works in every major
browser such as Google Chrome,
Firefox and Safari and supports
http and https sites.


icon share guides shortlink on features page

Define guides to start automatically when users open a specific link.

Each guide has a unique shortlink that allows you to easily copy/paste it to send to customers in an e-mail message, social media, SMS or live chat. So the guide will be displayed instantly when users click on the shortlink.

Respond support tickets faster and more efficiently
Reduce customer support calls duration
Redirect users to private areas of your website
Include interactive guides into FAQ’s and knowledge base
Customize links of website buttons


icon onboarding messages feature

Onboarding Messages

Set step-by-step tutorials to start as soon as users visit a specific page in your website or web app for the first time.

icon about Out of Page feature

Out of Page

Helppier detects when a visitor is
about to leave and allows to automatically start a tutorial.

icon abour timer feature


Set guides to appear automatically after a certain time to help lost users.

icon user segmentation on features page


Show different guides for different customers groups (first time users, active users, admin, male/female customers, etc) by customizing the dimensions or values of any set conditions.


Monitor and analyze how and which guides
are being seen.
Feedback Form
Users can rate guides through one of the 5
reaction options and in the end
add a comment about the service.


Position Adjuster
Move Helppier widget and
bubbles to any position on
the screen.
Overlay Option
Overlay darkens the
background behind the
tutorial to boost users focus
and minimise distractions.
Add text, images, videos
& links. 5 Different layout
combinations with title,
description and multimedia
attachment. Change colors
and fonts to match to your
website or web app.

INTEGRATIONS integration on helppier

mixpanel integration with Helppier


Google analytics integration with helppier

Google Analytics

wordpress integration with helppier



icon esay installation on features page

Easy Installation & Creation

No code or plugins required.
Create, change or remove
tutorials and on-screen tooltips
without any programming skills.
There is no need to wait for your
developing / engineering team to
change code and re-deploy your
website or web application because they can be updated in real time.

icon invite new user team on features page

Invite your team

Delegate admin functions to other
team members so they can create
and publish new guides. All your
team in a single account.

icon Two hosting methods on features page

Two hosting methods

HELPPIER can be used as SaaS
or installed in one of your servers
(On premise).